Persian New Year

It is true that a handmade Persian Rug is as beautiful as it is mysterious, specially when we remember stories about flying carpets where the lover travels long distance to come and take his lover away from the hands of her tyrant keeper. It is also true that it is very difficult to judge the authenticity of a Persian Rug. That's why it is extremely important that you go to an esteemed Persian Rugs dealer who is known for his trade and specialization in handmade rugs. It is also wished that this person has many years of experience. For a newcomer in the business of buying Persian Rugs, it is the worst thing to buy at going out of business sales and traveling auctions. In those places, they have a huge selection of items and the prices are so low that it is very tempting to buy. You should know something very important though. Usually, these are outlets that deal with rejected goods and, at the bottom of the page, they don't offer any real savings. This is the right place to implement the "Buyer be aware" policy.

Persian New Year Persian New Year Persian New Year Persian New Year Persian New Year Persian New Year Persian New Year
Personally, I would advise you to deal with direct importers of handmade Persian Rugs, a place where you feel comfortable, where you receive good service, where all your questions are answered with clarity and with knowledge. The staff should be able to tell you where the rug has been fabricated, the age, the fiber content, and even, why not, its history. Most of all you should be able to find honesty and integrity. With all that considered, I cannot stress enough the importance to ask for a certificate of authenticity.
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Persian New Year
Persian New Year
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