Christmas Music

It's hard to imagine festivals without celebrations, decorations, parties and music. We all like festivals because it brings a feeling of happiness, of togetherness and it brings music to our life. Every festival in the world has some kind of music associated with it and so does the festival of Christmas. It goes without saying that Christmas is one of the most popular festivals celebrated around the globe. Christmas music combines a variety of music which we normally hear around the Christmas season, or just days before the actual holiday. Though, we all are happier about the long holidays and celebrating this festival season, Christmas music does not emphasize on our holiday mood at all. In fact, many themes used in Christmas music relates to the winter season and the folklore surrounding the festival of Christmas. These days we see many albums that come up just before the festival is about to begin, to give us that feeling of cheerful festive music. However, in early times chants, litanies, hymns were intended for use during the church proceedings. And in the 13th century under the influence of Francis of Assisi, the trend of Christmas carols written in vernacular language became popular. Carols were initially performed with flute music, combined with circle dances. However, in the Middle ages, carols were turned into songs with religious topics, to give it a feeling of Christmas music.

Christmas Music Christmas Music Christmas Music Christmas Music Christmas Music Christmas Music Christmas Music
Christmas music has always been a combination of sacred and secular thoughts, which has been a trend even in the music of twentieth century. In the United States of America, Christmas music generally begins to play after the Thanksgiving holiday, when most of the shops around would start displaying Christmas decorations. The US music industry makes around 40 percent of its annual income through holiday music. The demand for Christmas melodies and jingles just before the actual day is high, and injects a spirit of Christmas into everyone. Hundreds of radio stations across the United States play Christmas music around the clock to keep everyone hooked to their radio sets.
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Christmas Music
Christmas Music
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