Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Capricorn!!! Capricorn holds the secret to the fountain of youth. They appear so practical and serious throughout their early years that everyone thinks Capricorns skipped childhood. Patience is their finest quality and it would seem that Capricorns are holding out, patiently waiting until 29ish before letting down the wall of serious face. Capricorn will get all the ducks in a row along with a 401K before committing to wild and random crazy stuff. Remember the symbol of Capricorn is the tireless mountain goat. Endurance and persistence motivates this earth sign to climb higher and reach for success. The smell of money and the clink of change keep Capricorn interested. They are the quintessential savers. If you love a Capricorn do not expect a joint bank account. Buy your lover the best of everything because to them looking good is key. Do not, however, be fooled by their taciturn fa├žade because under the designer clothes lives a stand up-laugh-out-loud- comedian who will keep you rolling in the aisles right into retirement.

Happy New Year 2013 Happy New Year 2013 Happy New Year 2013 Happy New Year 2013 Happy New Year 2013 Happy New Year 2013 Happy New Year 2013
Do not expect to make history New Years Eve-that No Day Thing is sitting around from early evening until mid-day on the first. Plans can take a turn or go sour. Be as flexible as you can and your only memories will be the photos you take on your iPhone. Not a great way to make the switch from one year to the next but we've done it before and we can do it again. Focus on the kindness you can do for others-in the end-that's all that matters. Make your New Year's resolutions later on January one.
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Happy New Year 2013
Happy New Year 2013
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